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Ghoulish Song

The last day of Kaile's life does not start well.
It's Inspection Day at her family's bakery, and between her mother's temper, her little brother's antics, and her job serving breakfast to the demanding citizens of Zombay, she could use a break. Then a goblin theatre troupe offers to put on a play for the customers. Kaile treasures the gift they give her--an innocuous little flute made of bone--and plays its haunting song without hesitation. That's when her life officially ends, and her adventures begin.

Set alongside the National Book Award-winning Goblin Secrets, Ghoulish Song weaves a story of music and mystery through the charmed, cursed world of Zombay.

Ghoulish Song by William Alexander
Margaret K. McElderry Books
Coming March 5, 2013
Hardcover, 176 pages
ISBN: 1442427299
ISBN-13: 978-1442427297
Grades 3-7 / Ages 8-12
List price: $16.99

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"In Ghoulish Song, William Alexander returns us to the fascinatingly sinister world of Zombay. As with his previous novel, Goblin Secrets, Alexander's work is startlingly original, simultaneously funny and suspenseful."

- Peter S. Beagle, author of The Last Unicorn

"Will Alexander's books are a secret pleasure that are now revealed to the world. Funny, smart, and gorgeously written without sacrificing an ounce of forward-moving plot, they are both a pleasure and instructive. When I grow up, I want to be Will."

- Jane Yolen, author of The Pit Dragon Chronicles

"There is magic in almost every aspect of Alexander's world, including the sinister sentience of the river and the bones of the drowned, and his graceful prose weaves an engaging fantasy that embraces the power of music."

More Praise for Goblin Secrets

"Goblin Secrets is a clockwork gem of a book. I became deeply enmeshed in the gears of Rownie's story, and found such delight in wandering the strange, twisty, mysterious streets of Zombay."

- Sarah Prineas, author of The Magic Thief

"Goblin Secrets includes all my favorite things: mystery, magic, and plenty of thrills, a goblin theatrical troupe, a beautifully realized fantasy world, and an orphan boy searching for his lost brother."

- Delia Sherman, author of The Freedom Maze

"There are books that make you feel good for having read them. Not virtuous or well-behaved, but good. More whole-hearted, more brave, more likely to look at a stranger and see the fine face beneath the mask of their unfamiliarity. Goblin Secrets, William Alexander’s debut novel, is just such a book... It is also unusual, unsettling, and written with a very spirited grace."