Make a Mask

"The masks covered both the upstream and the downstream walls. Rownie saw heroes and ladies, villains and charmers, nursemaids and gentry. He saw animal masks made of fur, feathers, and scaly lizard skins bristling with teeth. Most had been carved out of wood or shaped in paster, but he also saw masks made of tin and polished copper, gleaming in the lantern light. He saw thin, translucent masks made of beetles' wings and carapaces. He saw long-nosed tricksters and ghoulish false faces. Hundreds and hundreds of masks hung from nails by lengths of string, and every one of them seemed to be watching Rownie as he watched them."
— Goblin Secrets, Act III, Scene ii

Download, print, and color these wearable masks!

Special thanks to mask artists Julian Howley, April Kasulis, Kierstin LaPatka, Mary Longshore, and Caitlin Warner from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.